Fascia Stretch Therapy is a newer less commonly known modality, that is quickly rising to the top of preferred techniques in the realm of bodywork. FST uses stretch techniques to put a bounce, sway, or wave into the 8 Myofascial meridian lines that travel up and down the body to open constricted areas, alleviate pain, and bring balance back to the body. A certified therapist can quickly assess the body by reading the boney landmarks and biotensegrity of the tissues, then use various applicants of traction, circumduction, compression, and oscillation to set the tissues free. An FST session is done in a professional setting, wearing comfortable clothing, and gently taking your body through your range of motion.


In the early 20th Century Joseph Pilates created a physical fitness system called “Contrology” which is the study of controlled movement. Pilates, as we know it today is comprised of 6 principles, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Precision, and Breathing. Our classes are taught by a trained instructor on the apparatus or on the floor. By using the foundational teachings of Joseph Pilates, we continue the timeless legacy of this Master Physical Trainer. You can choose from one of our beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Private classes, and journey at a pace that works best for your individual needs in a safe environment and has some fun.


Here we provide Swedish Massage, Deep tissue, Hot Stones, and Thai Stretching. Massage Therapy is wonderful for promoting healthy circulation, muscle recovery, and relaxation. Using various components of effleurage, friction, trigger point release, and tapotement we aim to meet your kneads. A session here quickly brings balance, healing, and wholeness to your body, mind, and spirit. We listen to our clients and customize our bodywork to ensure the best possible outcome for you.